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Let's get the legal stuff out of the way...

Medical Checkup

We strongly advise a check up by your health care professional before you begin any type of fitness program. We also recommend annual medical evaluations for all participants.

Regulations and Code of Conduct

All members are subject to the membership regulations and code of conduct approved by the Ashtabula County YMCA.  These may be found in our membership guide.

Disclaimer/Hold Harmless Statement

I/we understand that there is a risk of serious injury associated with use of the YMCA facilities, participation in YMCA programs and use of exercise and other equipment. As a condition of my participation I agree to assume the risk of injury arising from my use of the facilities, programs, equipment and for all other matters at all YMCA locations or programs whenever occurring. On behalf of myself and my heirs, administrators and executors, I hereby release and hold the YMCA and its officers, trustees, employees, agents and contractors harmless from all such claims for injury and damage. I understand that I would not be permitted to participate in any YMCA program or use any YMCA facility or equipment without signing this agreement.

I/we authorize the Ashtabula County YMCA or its designees, agencies and contractors to create, have and use photographs, slides, and videotapes containing my image for its record keeping or marketing/public relations programs.

I/we understand that the Ashtabula County YMCA is not responsible for personal property lost, damaged, or stolen while members and/or program participants are using YMCA facilities, on YMCA premises, or involved in YMCA programs.

Membership Agreement

All members are required to present a current, valid membership card for identification when using the YMCA’s facilities and programs. Membership cards are not transferable. As a member of the YMCA you are agreeing to follow the policies, procedures, and appropriate behaviors for the safety and comfort of all members and guests.

I have read and understand the Disclaimer / Hold Harmless agreement. In addition I understand and agree that the conditions of the disclaimer / hold harmless agreement are in effect throughout my entire membership with the Ashtabula County YMCA. I also understand and agree that if the membership is interrupted for any reason, these agreements will remain in effect during the period of interruption as well as after the membership is reinstated.

Authorization for EFT Transactions

I authorize my credit card institution to honor preauthorized Electronic Funds Transfer drawn by the Ashtabula County YMCA on my account for membership dues, program fees, and contribution payments as indicated. When the credit card institution honors the EFT by charging my account, such transfer shall constitute notice of payment due and my receipt for the payment. Should any preauthorized EFT not be honored by said credit card institution when received by them, then it is understood that the payment is to be made by me in the amount of said payment plus service charge. It is further understood that if such payment is not honored by the credit card institution, then the YMCA, at its discretion, may resubmit the amount due for payment on a future date.

By selecting "yes," you are agreeing to all terms and conditions listed above.
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