Our YMCA was initially started in 1867 by local churches interested in the spiritual roots of the YMCA that began in London, England in 1844. A reading room and lecture series annually were its first programs, especially provided for young men. In the 1880’s, the YMCA expanded to meet more social, physical and spiritual elements. Women helped raise funds to provide books and rooms conducive for meeting. The first YMCA was built in 1910. Four stories high, it was the largest building in the county for many years. It included a large library, gym, pool and a 22 room dormitory. Needing to meet the needs of a growing population of men, women and children, a new YMCA with the YWCA was built in 1962, our current location. The Civic Development Corporation was instrumental in providing the funding for the YMCA/YWCA. Over the last 60 years, many programs have been added like racquetball, now pickleball, licensed Childcare programming year round, extensive Wellness Center equipment, Fitness classes, Youth Swim Team, collaborations with Catholic Charities, 3 area School systems, outreach programs for seniors in Conneaut, Andover, Orwell and Geneva, GED classes, ESL classes and  much more. As the YMCA looks to the future, they will be meeting the needs of youth, families, seniors and others who find the YMCA as a safe place for their children and for adults to improve their mental and physical health.