New Youth Programming Coming to Andover in January 2020

The Ashtabula County YMCA is introducing four new youth programs in Andover, Ohio starting in January 2020.  New programs will include Preschool Micro Sports, Beginner Ballet and Tap, Level 1 Beginner Gymnastics, and Hip Hop Cheer.  As YMCA program, income based rates are available for all of these.  Basic information and registration links are below.  For additional information, please contact Brian at


Preschool Micro Sports

The YMCA Micro Sports Program for girls and boys age 3-5 is returning to Pymatuning Primary School!  Each 6-week session of Micro Sports will give the children an opportunity to have fun, meet friends, and learn the basic skills of a different sport.

Age:            3 to 5 years

When:         6 week sessions

     Wednesdays 4:00 - 4:45pm

2020 Winter/Spring Schedule:

                   Jan 8 – Feb 12:             Indoor Soccer (click here to register online)

                   Feb 19 – Mar 18:          Basketball (click here to register online)

                          (5 week session, cost is prorated)

                   Apr 1 – May 6:               Track and Field (click here to register online)

Where:       Pymatuning Valley Primary School Gym

                  Please use main entrance

Fee:           Member                $25

                  Participant             $40


Beginner Ballet and Tap

This is a creative class for the new dancer. These classes introduce foundation skills along with creative thinking.  Half of the class will be devoted to ballet and half of the class will be devoted to tap.  Our ballet portion will teach our students the basics of body alignment, placement, balance, and elegance.  It is the foundation for many other dance styles.  Our tap class will focus on the mechanics of taps, developing tap phrases, rhythms, and coordinating taps to music.  Students will need tap shoes for tap class. 

Ages:           Grades K-4

When:         10 week session

                   Thursdays 5 - 6pm

                   January 9 to March 12 (click here to register online)

Where:        Pymatuning Valley High School

                   Please use main entrance

Fee:            Member                $50

                   Participant           $70

Instructor:   Andrea Wonderling


Level 1 Beginner Gymnastics

Under Lead Instructor Andrea Wonderling, developing the fundamentals of gymnastics is the target of this class.  Students will be taught the basics of all four Olympic events (bars, beam, floor, and Vault).  Skills explored are:

Bars:            Pullover, cast, back hip circle, sole-circle dismount and underswing dismount

Beam:          Jump to front support mount, arabesque to 30 degrees, lever, stretch jump, cartwheel to 3/4 handstand dismount

Floor:           3/4 handstand, cartwheel, backward roll, forward roll, split jump with 30 degree leg separation

Vault:           Stretch jump onto mat and then kick to handstand and fall to flat back


Ages:          Grades K-4

When:         10 week session

                   Thursdays 6 - 7pm

                   January 9 to March 12 (click here to register online)

Where:       Pymatuning Valley High School

                   Please use main entrance

Fee:           Member                   $50

                   Participant              $70


Hip Hop Cheer

Hip Hop Cheer is a group of talented cheerleaders who have joined together for the love of cheering and the competitive sport.  Our goal is to utilize our team’s greatest potential, to achieve personal and team goals, focusing on being only the best we can be.  In a two minute and thirty second routine you will see us jump, tumble, cheer, dance, and simply wow you.  Parents must attend meeting on first day of each session.

Ages:         Grades K-4

When:        6 week sessions

                  Wednesdays 4:45 – 5:45pm

                  January 8 to February 12 (click here to register online)

                  February 19 to March 18 (click here to register online)

                           (5 week session, cost is prorated)

                  April 1 to May 6 (click here to register online)

Where:      Pymatuning Valley Primary Sunshine Room

                  Please use main entrance

Fee:           Member                 $30

                  Participant             $50

Instructor:  Jori Jones